Morning Work

Each and every morning the children eagerly complete their morning work. It is always a pleasure to welcome parents into the classroom to spend quality time with their child. This gives the children the opportunity to show adults what they have been learning about in school.

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Meet our new UNICEF Councillor

This week the children voted for their new UNICEF Councillor. Our UNICEF Councillor is looking forward to helping to make decisions in school. I am sure that she will be an amazing role model!

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Book Bags

Just a quick reminder about your child’s reading book. All reading books will be changed every Wednesday.

Please remember to bring your book bag in!
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Maths is Fun!

This week the children have been exploring different ways of making numbers using number bond diagrams. After a few days they were able to use their understanding of number bonds to create number stories. The children were able to talk about their diagrams with a partner and also use vocabulary to describe their number bond such as whole and part.

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Welcome to Year 1!

The school year is well underway. Everyone has settled in seamlessly. Take a look at these happy faces!

We are all very excited about the things that we will learn and the new challenges that  we will face in our new class.

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Graduation Day!

A HUGE congratulations to

our CLASS OF 2019!!

You’ve all been amazing! It’s been an absolute privilege to have been able to help you all on your journey this last year.

Have a fun, sun-filled and safe summer!

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1 Potato, 2 Potato, 3 Potato… 63!

We’ve been growing potatoes in the raised bed in our mud kitchen for months now. The plants were looking so huge, we thought it was probably time to see if there was anything lurking in the soil!

Well guess what?! We pulled the plants up, gave them a wiggle and a jiggle and…

… we found 63 potatoes!!

Good grief!! They were all shapes and sizes!

Massive ones, teeny tiny ones, round ones, oval ones! There was even one shaped like a pig!

There were so many, we were able to send everyone home in Reception C with one or two for their tea!

The next day we found out that some of us had enjoyed eating them… boiling them, mashing them, frying and baking them!

When you think about it, we’re all a bit like potatoes! We come in all shapes and sizes, but each of us is an absolute miracle of creation! We can all do so much, and do things in our own unique way! And if you’re interested in what’s below the surface of your friends and neighbours, you’ll probably be amazed!

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Ready, Steady… Go!

The sun was shining, the whistles were poised, the trainers were on and Reception were ready to get physical!

With balls and hoops, benches and beanbags, eggs and spoons, we jogged into the playground with our fellow competitors, ready for a St Mary’s Sports Day to rival all others!

We ran fast…

…we walked slow.

We threw high…

… we passed low.

We hopped through hoops…

… we slid along benches.

We boogied…

… bounced…

… and bumped!

And above all we showed incredible team work and determination!

It wasn’t only us who gave 100% either… our grown ups also did us proud!

Thanks to all those who came to support the children, cheer everyone on and get involved. You were complete sports!

What a great day we had!

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We Can Make The World A Better Place!

At St Mary’s we are always thinking about about ways in which we can help our world and those in it.

Just have a look at these incredible ideas!

Our children can make a real difference in showing us ways that we can help each other and show love for our neighbours in this world.

With these ideas, we are certain that the world can be a better place, because of US!

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Aha! Oh No! Its A … ?

In the deep dark wood, under the shelter, we heard a strange gruffly noise.

But what could it be?

We spied some clues around the place so like super sleuths, got busy trying to identify just what was making the noise!

It had orange eyes…

and turned out toes…

…and a poisonous wart at the end of its nose!

It even had purple prickles all over his back!

Oh dear! Oh no! It’s a


We quickly wrote a description of this terrible creature, so we could warn anyone wandering into reception about it!

He was “so big … with spiky teeth!”

“The Gruffalo is mad!”

We drew pictures so others would know what to look for!

We even created incredible 3D models of the creature from clay!

Just take a look at these artistic creations!

Why, I think even the Gruffalo himself might like one of these on the mantlepiece in his cave!

So if you spot a creature with terrible tusks… and terrible claws… and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws…

Ahaaa! Oh no! You might just have found …


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